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Laura Capone Publishing is a publishing house operating in online mode, in a Binary System, of some external collaborations and an internal staff, or our editorial staff.

Editorial staff
Laura Capone - Publisher and Editor
Mario Buonocore - Information Techonogy Manager and Editor
Gianfranco Iovino - Onorary Chief
Marco Serpe - Master Musician and Composer of sound tracks for booktrailers and audio-books
Elvira Orsini - Promoter
Luigia Torrusio - Database Manager and Editor
Chiara Rolandelli - Translator
Alessandra Baroni - Translator
Rosa Jiménez Padilla - Translator
Chiara Tornatore - Editor
Annabella Stella Buonocore - Editor
Marco Maraglino - Designer
Alessandro Lorenzi - Designer
Ester Borriello - Facebook page Administrator
Piero Zuccherini - Video Maker
Mauro Biancaniello - Publishing Consultant and narrator for audio-books and videos.
Sara Serraiocco - narrator for audio-books and videos.
Sonia Bottacin - Musician and singer for audio-book and videos.

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