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Games & App
Games, pastime and more for fun at your fingertips!
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Here ours Games and Apps:
Spin the Bottle!
The best Spin the bottle for Android Smartphones and Tablets! What will you choose between a secret truth and a funny dare? Play in family or with your friends with Spin the Bottle!
Free download Spin the Bottle for Friends! or Spin the Bottle for Family! on your Android device, or download the full version without advertising at Spin the Bottle!
Starship Shooter
Starship Shooter is a fun classic sci-fi 2D shooter for Android smartphones and tablets, totally free and downloadable here from the Google Play Store.
Are you ready stopping Alien invasion, saving the human race? Have fun!
The Best Jokes
Never get bored! Laugh with us! Write a review on Google Play Store with your jokes, the best will be included in the application!
Download for free The Best Jokes.
Wise Man Says
This application offers you the wisdom of popular proverbs, which are available with a simple click.
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