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Before Silence Falls
by Laura Scanu
First edition, published date: Novembre 2013
Language: Italian
Before Silence Falls seeps pain…it has to be read to defeat silence. It has gained the patronage of the association La caramella buona since its very first issue; it is an Italian non-profit organization against pedophilia that, more than others, is actively and juridically fighting for the criminal punishment of the pedophiles, finally releasing their fragile victims or at least alleviating their nightmares. Many other Italian associations, Provinces and Districts, in addition to influential men of learning, increasingly added themselves to support the value of Before Silence Falls, accompanying it in its educational path through streets, schools, libraries and conferences gaining not only favour with the readers, but also praise by the experts in the field that analyse its educational messages. It has also crossed the threshold of the Regina Coeli jailhouse in Rome, where it has been a subject matter to debate and discuss.
Laura Scanu, writer, was born in Todi the 5th of July 1961. She graduates in Political Science an International Relations at the University of Perugia. Presently, she teaches English and Italian at the Primary School.The author Laura Scanu does not like talking about herself but she exposed herself right when she decided to give voice to her talent and she revealed to be really determined in addition to her obduracy!

Alessandra Baroni, translator, was born in Mortara the 20th of July 1982.She enrolled at the Università del Piemonte Orientale where she kept on studying English, Spanish and French. She enrolled in a postgraduate course about Literary and Technical-Scientific Translation at the Università ‘La Sapienza’ in Rome. She immediately started translating and publishing some essays and novels and in 2009 she went to the U.S.A. where she worked one year as a cultural representative for the Walt Disney World Company.
Book ISBN: 978-88-97226-32-1
Book Pages: 144
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