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Laura Capone Editore is a publisher of a new generation that makes up the new market demands by providing books, eBooks and audio books, and responding to economic and practices requirements.
Laura Capone Editore in its modern form maintains a vocation of other times when an unknown writer with his manuscript, made with pen and passion, moved from country to the big city following a dream: seeing his own works published . Today many of those works come to us as classic Literature.
Laura Capone Editore is open to every unknown writer who is looking for a publishing house that protects his works and that takes care of their promotion, distribution and sale, in mutual growth.
It is a marriage of a fascinating ancient craft with a modern computer technology that makes diffusion fast, and highlights the promotion in a virtual and global space.
Laura Capone Publishing is always gratefully to known and unknown writers who will propose their texts to us, Each work will be meticulously read. Each writer will always receive an answer.

Laura Capone Publishing (below LCE) works on edition, promotion, distribution and selling of books by emerging contemporary Italian writers both in Italy and abroad. It is aimed at promoting of a new publishing made in Italy thanks to some alternative strategies gained from a previous experience in marketing. We do not expect miracles, we aspire to a just reward for our work and determination, and over of all we believe in Italian artistic and literary genius who has inherited in his blood centuries and centuries of culture.
LCE is available to collaborate with other publishers, book shops, distributors, print shops, and people with entrepreneurial ideas and contacts to propose us, in a free exchange of cooperation, because our minds are endless processing!

Laura Capone & Mario Buonocore
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