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Main roles and occupations of the Editorial staff
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Laura Capone (RM)
Editorial Manager
Publishing projects. Marketing planning, administration, contracts.
Luigia Torrusio (BN)
Editor in chief
Editor, database management and human resources, press releases.
Mario Buonocore (RM)
Information Technology Manager
Implementation and management of LCE sites and computer applications.
Giovanna Pastega (VE)
Publishing projects, project "Giuria Giovani" (Young Jury), LCE referring in Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardy regions.
Daniele Carnemolla (RM)
Management consultant.
Angelika Mori (PA)
Events organization, radio promotion, LCE referring in Sicily.
Alessandro Porri (RM)
Video Maker, Graphic artist.
Piero Zuccherini (PG)
Video Maker, Graphic artist.
Maria Teresa Trigiante (RM)
Beatrice Fiaschi (RM)
Erika Carrieri (RM)
Cinzia Ciardi (NA)
Editor, LCE referring in Naples
Alessandra Baroni (PV)
Translator, editor.
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